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A couple weekends ago I bought rain chains for my down spouts. I have wanted them for some time and figure now would be the perfect time since I would be up on the roof anyways putting up the Christmas lights. The chains rain that I picked are really nice and they are copper so they will patena over time. They look very cool right now but only will get better ove time.

Most people have never seen a rain chain before since they are not common place anymore. But the are a great talking point when people do see them. It is often the first thing that people ask whenever they come over – “what are these things on your gutters?” It has only been a couple weeks and they are all the rave. I can’t wait to have my Christmas party.

The best thing about the rain chain was how easy they were to install. They went up in less then a 1/2 hour. How is that for increasing your curb appeal.

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