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Most students do not think much about the cost pf school until it is time to go.  They are to wrapped up in where they will go and where their friends are going.  The fact of the matter is that school is becoming more and more expensive and you must take into account what school cost and gather  financial aid information so you know how much you need to come up with.

One of my friends found that some schools provided grants for engineers while had no physical therapy student grants.  So some schools will have different options beyond just the basic cost depending on what they specialize in.  You must look at the whole picture – total cost, aid available, grants available and how this school suits your needs.  Once you weigh all your options you will feel muh better about the school you choose.  Do not wait until the last second and pay to much because you have no alternative due to lack of planning.  This is your future we are talking about here.



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