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My apartment complex just got new cluster mailboxes and commercial mailboxes for the office.  The community mailboxes were in very rough shape and they decided that instead of throwing some paint on them like before would replace them with new boxes.  It has been a long time coming since many of the locks did not work right and they were a handful of break ins for peoples mail.

They figured that the replacing the boxes would increase security, increase renter happiness and make the community look better.  I did not think it was such a big deal until they actually replaced the boxes and I was able to see the finished product.  They really do make the place look better.

The best part about the new boxes is that they were able to mount each cluster in front of each building versus at a central area.  Now I can park and walk to my place and get the mail on the way versus making a special trip to get my mail.  It is amazing how much little touches can help.


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