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When I came home for Thanksgiving this year I was surprised to see playground equipment in my parents back yard.  Better yet they also had a couple  Picnic Tables and Park Benches too.  They have also had their Adirondack chairs out front but now they have a complete park onsite.  I guess the local park was upgrading all of their equipment and was selling the old stuff for next to nothing.  It doesn’t hurt that my mom was on the board and had first dibs on the equipment.

The only thing that stinks is the park benches and tables are wood so they have a “project” for all us kids to help get them winterized and back into good condition.  This means that we will be sanding and staining most of the holiday. I guess that is not to much to ask since we will be feed well and entertained by the kids once everything is done.  This is one of the reasons that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.






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